Products & Prices

Products & Prices

Green Reading Kit


Improve your skills in the most overlooked aspect of successful putting – reading greens! More putts are missed by incorrect reads than bad strokes and poor alignment combined! This simple green-reading game and alignment wicket are guaranteed to synchronize your read, aim and stroke more quickly than any method you’ve ever tried!

Pro Stats Book

*Stats Book
(6 & over hdcp. – 25 rds.) $12
“Pro” Stats Book
(tour level to 5 hdcp.-75 rds.) $25
*Specify male or female

The most sophisticated statistics book available, including a shot-rating system based on the average shots of tour players. Set goals, keep records, quantify progress! Includes tour statistics, up & down percentages, putts gained,  etc.

Symmetrical Golf

$15—Symmetrical Golf is a new way of thinking about and understanding one of the most difficult games on Earth.  It is the first book to emphasize symmetry and evenness as the core concept of “mastering” the game of golf.   Tucker, who has played in 18 major championships, relates stories of playing with, teaching and testing legends of the game such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino and Luke Donald.   He helps you understand putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play and distance wedges.   That is followed by unique practice methods and testing procedures to quantify improvement.   Tucker’s method involves “structured feel” as he has found in 40 years of teaching that feel alone is the hard way to efficient scoring.


Short Game Test

Coach Version–$50  (Digitized short game test, given by Jerry to Bruce Fleisher, Luke Donald, Lee Trevino, and hundreds of other pros and amateurs.   Computes short game skill handicaps (overall and by category).    Compare your short game to the game’s best.

Self-Test–Smart phone version–$4.99

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